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Innocent Blood
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Innocent Blood

Marie is a vampire; a vampire with a conscience. She must kill humans to live. But she only preys on criminals; preferably mean-tempered ones who enjoy hurting people. She passed on Joe Gennaro because she could see the good in his eyes. Tony, on the other hand, she could see the sadism in his look; hear his quick temper in his voice. Her first rule, never to play with her food, ensured she never had time to develop any feeling for potential prey. Marie's second rule is to always finish the food; she must be sure to kill them. This eliminates all signs of the feed marks she inflicts, and cleanly disconnects the central nervous system. Marie accomplishes this by using a shotgun on her prey at close range after she's done feeding. Police are investigating Tony's murder the next morning, and it's seen that Joe Gennaro is in fact with the Pittsburgh police department, working deep undercover infiltrating Sal Macelli's crime ring in order to bring it down. As Joe looks into the van, the coroner is spooked. Tony was killed with a clean shotgun hit, but the body shows a clear sign of very significant blood loss beyond what the shotgun damage should inflict. But this is the least of Joe's worries as a federal district attorney, Sinclair (Angela Bassett) berates Joe for showing up at the investigation; any of the force could be in Macelli's pocket. The officers working surveillance are also furious at Joe over 'the stunt with the van,' although Joe defends himself because the van was too close without any discretion. But Sinclair doesn't want to listen to anything Joe says; she feels he's become a danger to the investigation and to himself. Joe argues hotly that he's been undercover as part of Macelli's organization for three years, eating, drinking and stealing with them, and soon he'll be asked to make a hit, which is when it will be time to nail him. But then, press start to rush in from all sides, and Sinclair gives Joe a friendly hug as she turns and gives a big smile for the cameras. By evening, all of Pittsburgh has seen the articles both on Tony's murder and the photo of Joe with Sinclair; including Marie and Macelli. Exiting the Oyster House with a group of his men, and his attorney, Manny Bergman (Don Rickles), Macelli is taking the news exactly the way he'd be expected to-- wanting Joe killed, while Manny tries to talk him into 'making proper arrangements' because Sinclair will soon use the Rico act to freeze all of Macelli's assets. Macelli finds Lenny (David Proval), one of his men, talking to Marie, who's come by to feed on another of the gangsters. When Macelli has Jacko (Tony Sirico), one of his men, chase off a nosy photographer, Marie tells Macelli off in a way that can get people killed. But although he puts Marie in her place, Macelli's impressed by her moxie and offers her a ride. Marie knew she should have walked away from Macelli, but she found him annoying; enough to make an example of him. She gets into his limo, going into her act as Macelli breaks the ice with her. Marie notes they're being followed, and Macelli tells Lenny, who's driving the limo, to lose anyone tailing them and take him and Marie to 'the hideaway.' Macelli's hideaway is right beside a church. He tells Lenny he'll be with Marie for an hour, and to stand guard. He brings Marie into the hideaway, and she smiles flirtatiously as she looks the place over. But when Macelli takes out a container with take-out supper from the Oyster House, Marie recoils from the strong odor of garlic used in preparing the food, saying it isn't for her. Marie runs into the bathroom, pushing up the window, breathing in the fresh air; knowing she made a mistake targetting Macelli. In the meanwhile, Macelli is wondering what's going on with Marie and goes into the bathroom after her, starting to come on to her. Marie is nauseated by the garlic on his breath, and the lights of the bathroom are hurting her sensitive eyes. Macelli starts to get aggressive in kissing her and starting to undress her. Marie responds to the passion, undoing his tie and shirt collar. Marie then strikes, tearing into Macelli's neck and starting to feed. But Marie is unprepared for the crafty mob boss' resourcefulness. As she tears into his neck, he pulls a handgun strapped to his ankle and fires a shot into the ceiling. Lenny, sitting in the limo, hears the sound. Macelli fires a shot into Marie's stomach before collapsing. Lenny hurries to the hideaway door, trying to get in. Marie presses a towel to her wound and again happens to catch sight of her blood-smeared reflection in a mirror, breaking it in disgust. Lenny happens to look in through the raised window and sees Macelli laying in the bathtub, seemingly dead. He sees Marie, her face smeared with blood, and cries out in alarm. Hurrying back to the door, he shoots the lock and kicks the door in. He hurries to the bathroom, finding Macelli still in the bathtub, and Marie gone, having hurried out to make her escape. Joe is in protective custody, watching an old horror TV show with officer Dave Flinton (Leo Burmester), who's helping watch over him. Joe knows that because of how deep undercover he's been, many of his fellow officers don't look kindly on him, seeing him as half cop, half crook. But another curve ball is headed his way as fellow officer Morales (Luis Guzmán) comes by with pizza delivery; a phone call informs Flinton that Macelli's taken a hit on the north side; apparently Joe made him look so bad in front of his men, that one of them took him out in a macabre form of poetic justice. Joe is still upset, because the undercover work was the case that was going to make his career. Joe drives to the hideaway where preliminary investigation is underway. He looks through the broken bathroom window, dismayed as he watches the coroner tending to Macelli's body. But immediately Joe notices things amiss; Macelli suffered a cut carotid artery, meaning there should be far more blood than he sees, and he's sure the coroner found something under Macelli's fingernails; Joe suspects the perp was a female and that Macelli's fingernails have traces of makeup underneath. The coroner glances at a thermometer placed in Macelli's midsection and makes a puzzled sound; Macelli's body temperature is going up, not down as is standard for a corpse. Lenny and Manny are outside the church as well, and a fight nearly breaks out as Joe passes by them. Joe climbs the fire escape onto the roof of the hideaway building. Looking around with a flashlight, he finds blood on the chimney-- and a woman's black pump laying in the blood-spattered snow atop the roof. As he picks it up and starts to examine it, he hears a rustle from the other side of the chimney. Marie comes into view, her eyes red and her face still smeared with blood, and she gives a vampiric growl, scaring Joe out of his wits. He dives to the floor as she runs past and leaps off the roof, escaping. Joe enters the church and looks around. Feeling uneasy, he draws his gun. Suddenly he feels something moving past him and hears Marie growling, although he doesn't see her. Suddenly the church's fire escape doors burst open and a growling sound comes from there, before the doors slam back shut in the sudden gust of wind. Marie runs along the outside of the church. She climbs up an exterior heating pipe, breaking a window on the second floor and entering through it. Joe sees a tethered German Shepherd dog barking loudly and acting very agitated, and quickly unties its leash, setting it loose. In a shower room in the church, Marie lets the hot shower water wash all the blood off her body, without bothering to undress. She stands under the shower, letting the water continue to pour down on her, while outside, the dog leads Joe to the pipe Marie climbed up. Joe looks up and sees the window Marie broke. Someone puts a hand on Joe's shoulder and he whirls, gun drawn-- it's just the dog's owner, come looking for him. Joe climbs the pipe and enters the shower room. Marie is gone, but he sees that she left the shower faucet she used, running-- and he sees her wet footprints leading to and through a closed door. He follows Marie's trail to a thrift shop, finding its lock broken. As he looks around, the camera pans up to show Marie hanging from a fixture on the ceiling, above and now behind him. She's changed into some clothes taken from the shop, leaving her bloody dress on the floor. Marie hangs from the fixture by one hand, watching Joe closely as he bends down and looks at her discarded dress. Finally she drops down to the floor, swipes a jacket from the racks and is out the door before Joe can spot her, although he heard the sounds and sweeps the area with his gun. But as he steps back outside the thrift shop, Marie suddenly grabs him from behind and throws him a dozen yards onto the ground; grabbing away his gun and throwing it through the church window. Her eyes flash a bestial green and her voice is harshly distorted as she warns him to stay away from her, or she'll kill him. Joe is left dazed on the ground, gazing up at the sky in disbelief. Macelli's body is being brought into the morgue. But as the pathologist plugs in a tool to start an autopsy, he suddenly finds Macelli sitting up and looking right at him. Downstairs, the county coroner is telling a massed crowd of repoters that the press will know the details on Macelli's death soon as he knows-- but everyone is about to find the results out first hand, as they all see Macelli running through the morgue atrium with the pathologist following behind. Macelli escapes into an elevator, wanders right past the front desk security guard who's busy watching a 'gorilla chases pretty girl' horror movie, and then steals a car from right under the noses of two bumbling fools who are looking in its trunk; driving it off into the night streets. Marie is perched high up on the steeple of the church cathedral, watching Joe approach his car. A press member tells him that Macelli was spotted crashing a car into a gas station in Shadyside. Joe gets into his car, and pauses to take the shoe Marie dropped on the rooftop out of an inside coat pocket, looking at it thoughtfully. He puts it on his dashboard and sits idle for a few seconds, until Marie leaps down from the steeple right onto the hood of his car, heavily denting it and smashing all the windows. She grabs Joe and hauls him out of the car, and climbs in herself, using her recovered shoe to smash out the windshield. When Joe leaps in front of her, she hits the gas to scoop him onto the hood, then stops and hits the gas again so he falls into the car. She intends to go after Macelli herself. Manny arrives at his house and is greeted by his wife, Fran (Elaine Kagan). As she helps him out of his coat and scarf, we hear the sound of breaking glasses. Manny goes into his living room, he sees Macelli raiding the wet bar there. Macelli's skin is pasty white as he rummages through the bar, looking for something to drink. He's stricken by extreme thirst, but none of the booze there is working to sate it. As Manny tries to calm him down, Macelli suddenly remarks that Manny smells good, before rambling about how he'd woken up in the morgue after an attempt on his life. Then he smells something and staggers into the kitchen, where Fran had warmed up some food, which Macelli starts tearing into greedily. He insists he's fine despite Manny wanting to call a doctor; just with a sudden insatiable appetite of some sort. Marie struggles to drive toward Shadyside, the bright headlights of the cars in the opposite-direction lane hurting her eyes. Meanwhile, Joe rambles about all the trouble she's in; Joe is positive that Marie is responsible for the hit on Tony Sliva as well as the attack on Macelli. Marie finally pulls over and asks Joe to drive, because she's having too much trouble concentrating against the incoming headlights. They swap seats and Joe continues interrogating Marie, finally confronting her on his knowing that she's in pursuit of Macelli, but why she didn't make sure he was dead the first time. Marie finally loses patience and snaps back that she screwed up-- using her vampire voice. Her eyes flash green as she does this. Joe sits back in shock, asking, 'What in hell are you?' They pull into the gas station and are met by Morales and Flinton. The two still don't fully trust him, especially when he starts telling them that Marie killed Tony and attacked Macelli-- they look into the car and are not at all believing when they see the slim, demure-looking woman there smiling innocently at them. Flinton puts Joe in his car, warning that he'll cuff him if he acts up again. He then joins Morales in talking to Marie, who does a perfect job of playing innocent and the officers' own belief that Joe is starting to lose it. But in the meantime, Joe happens to glance across the street and sees a flower shop, and gets an idea. He grabs Flinton's walkie and asks for the street address of Manny Bergman. He then asks a gas station employee for directions. Marie spots him and asks Flinton and Morales if she can use the bathroom, which they gladly agree to. Macelli is in Manny's kitchen, heating a piece of meat over the gas stove while eating it. Manny sits at the table with Lenny and Jacko, watching warily. Suddenly Macelli drops his meat and sniffs, saying that Joe Gennaro is nearby. He punches out a window in the kitchen and jumps through it, despite the other three trying to hold him back. Back at the gas station, Flinton finds that Joe gave them the slip. Checking the womens' bathroom, Morales finds Marie has done the same. Macelli finds Joe and ambushes him from behind, clamping one hand around his throat and lifting him up in the air, choking him as Manny tries to plead for Macelli to let Lenny and Jacko handle things. Macelli pays no attention as he chokes Joe, a gleeful look on his face. Finally in desperation, Manny grabs a shovel and whacks Macelli on the back of the head, making him drop Joe but otherwise leaving him unharmed. He acts confused enough for Manny to lead him back into the house while Lenny and Jacko tend to Joe. They find him unarmed but also find a pair of handcuffs on his belt, which they use to cuff him. Manny takes Macelli inside, explaining that he's safe in the house because he's been pronounced dead, meaning even a search warrant can't be served in search of him. But Macelli is more occupied on noting that, despite how hard Manny hit him, his head isn't bleeding at all. Macelli suddenly begins to walk toward Manny, and tears into his neck, his eyes flashing red. Marie's failure to 'finish the food' has made Macelli into a vampire. Fran finds Macelli sitting on the basement floor, his face covered in blood, and Manny in Macelli's lap, seemingly dead, although Macelli is sure he's not; he's begun to figure out some of what's happened to him. Macelli gets up to feed on Fran, but she stabs him with a knife and runs. Macelli pulls the knife out of his chest, seeing he isn't hurt, although he notes that all his clothes are saturated with blood. Lenny and Jacko are carrying Joe away. Marie watches from a tree as they dump Joe into the trunk of Macelli's limo. All at once, Fran rushes out of the house, screaming for help; at the same time, Flinton is approaching in his car, and Macelli steps outside, changed into a new suit. Lenny and Jacko hurry Macelli into his limo and speed off, while Fran runs to Flinton, begging for help with Manny. Marie jumps down to Flinton's car, throws the police light away, and drives off in pursuit of Macelli. Macelli, Jacko and Lenny arrive at a dock, where Macelli plans a horrible death for Joe; to slowly crush him to pulp in the crusher of a sanitation truck, starting with his feet. Marie arrives on the scene just in time, racing her car straight toward the three. Macelli and Jacko fire at her, but she plows into both of them, jumping out of the car and breaking Jacko's neck. Macelli recognizes Marie's face and flees in his limo. Marie takes off in pursuit, pausing just long enough for Joe to jump in through the open passenger window. In the car they quickly fall into another argument. Marie knows how dangerous Macelli is, especially now, after having fed on a human for the first time. Joe, meanwhile, is beginning to understand the truth about what Marie really is-- something he doesn't see as much better than Macelli. Macelli sees Marie in pursuit of him, and the two cars weave their way through the highway traffic as the chase continues. But a bigger problem has just arisen-- dawn is starting to break. Marie sharply swerves to get to an exit and races toward a roadside motel as Macelli, laughing in triumph, drives into the Liberty tunnel. Emerging from the tunnel, Macelli is faced with the rising sun and his skin begins to smolder painfully. He manages to make it to one of his meat packing warehouses and makes his way to a freezer, telling the on-duty employee to leave him in there with the lights off. Macelli crawls onto a meat tray and puts his head on a piece of rump roast, drifting to sleep. The owner of the 'Amore' roadside motel leers in amusement as Marie and Joe come inside to check in; Marie hasn't yet uncuffed Joe. She only does so after she's satisfied that they have an agreement on staying for the day. She tells the motel owner that they're staying until sunset; 7:17 pm. D.A. Sinclair is arriving at Manny's home as she's briefed on the incident with him. Flinton says that Fran insists she saw Macelli as Manny's attacker, and that she saw Joe being loaded into Macelli's limo. As Manny is being loaded into an ambulance, Sinclair tells him she knows Macelli is responsible, and asks if she can count on him to press charges. Manny just half-opens his eyes and looks at Sinclair for a few seconds before closing his eyes again. At the motel, Marie has finished showering and washing her hair, and she's turning out the lamps for sleep; using only candles. Joe sits on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, unashamed to admit he's too afraid of being attacked in his sleep, to get any rest, although he proves willing not to pull away the heavy quilt Marie has placed over the window to keep the sun out of the room. She sits on the sofa and there are a few moments of tension; Marie is starting to like Joe, and she thinks he's starting to feel the same, but he's still revulsed by what he's learned of her existence. Finally she gets into bed and lays down to sleep. Manny is in the hospital; a nurse in his room. The electronic monitor for his heart rate and pulse suddenly flatlines, and the nurse turns at the sound of its alarm. But suddenly the monitor's flatline reverses into a reading for heart rate and pulse again, and the nurse thinks it's just a temporary glitch, and goes about her business. Manny's eyes open to reveal they're bright red. Unseen by the nurse, he pulls the tubes and electrodes off his arm and chest, and starts to get out of bed. He approaches the nurse, intent on feeding on her. Still unaware of what's happening behind her, the nurse opens the shades to let in the sun. A second later, both Manny and the nurse are screaming; she in terror and fright, he in agony as the sunlight begins destroying him. Doctors rush in, and can only watch in horror as Manny burns to ash. Fran faints as she sees her husband's horrible fate. Joe has finally fallen asleep in the motel, although he sleeps lightly and jolts awake as Marie's bed creaks. He tiptoes to the bathroom and peeks under his shirt, relieved to see no bite marks on his neck. He comes back out and watches Marie sleep. He's starting to come to terms with his attraction to her, very slowly reaching a hand out to touch her hair. The touch awakens Marie quickly, and her look turns soft and compassionate as she understands the look in Joe's eyes. She stretches a hand out to him, and Joe's caution returns. As he starts returning to the sofa, Marie throws a pillow at him. He catches it and throws it back; she likewise catches it and puts it back beside her. Joe wants to set out after Macelli, believing they can catch him while he sleeps, but Marie warns him that he'll only sleep while undisturbed; he can snap awake as quickly and fully as she just did, and move just as fast; demonstrating her speed by moving from the bed to behind Joe in the snap of her fingers. Turning playful again, she pushes him down on the bed and leans close over him. She starts leaning in to kiss him, and he almost relents but suddenly rolls over on top of her, Marie not resisting. Again they almost kiss, and again Joe shies away at the last second, sitting up on the edge of the bed, only semi responsive as Marie starts coming on to him. Marie hands the handcuffs to Joe and prostrates herself on the bed, her wrists behind her back, inviting Joe to cuff her. After a second he does, and then he undresses and climbs into bed with her. They start making love, Joe finally losing the rest of his fears as both of them become passionate. Marie easily busts the handcuffs apart and takes Joe in her arms. As they climax, Marie's eyes start changing color, between pale blue, green, yellow and red. Frank and Ray meet Lenny at the meat packing plant, outside the freezer. Macelli had called Lenny and had him send for the others. Lenny is deeply worried, telling the others to just 'look at' Macelli, and maybe they'll agree it's time to pass the torch to a new boss. Entering the freezer, they find Macelli lounging on the metal tray. He tells them he feels better than he ever has, before revealing he overheard what Lenny said to Frank and Ray. Lenny balks at approaching Macelli, and for good reason; Macelli grabs him and feeds on him, before ordering the frightened Ray and Frank to stow Lenny in the trunk of Macelli's limo, and to bring him some clean clothes. It's sunset, and Marie and Joe leave the hotel to set off after Macelli. Their relationship has taken a significant upturn as they get into the car. Macelli's limo pulls up in front of the 'Melody Lounge' strip joint. Macelli opens the trunk of the limo, and Frank and Ray are astounded to find Lenny quite alive, if a bit dazed and confused. They go inside, and Macelli takes the others to a private office upstairs. Lenny starts looking at Frank and Ray thirstily as Macelli explains that they're now in charge of town; no other rival crime family will be able to touch them. Frank and Ray are quickly 'initiated' by Macelli and Lenny into the 'new family.' Marie and Joe pass by the Oyster House, finding only two men standing outside. Joe knows this means Macelli isn't there. Tommy and Vinnie, two more of Macelli's men, arrive at the strip club, where Macelli has them initiated at the teeth of Frank and Ray. Marie and Joe don't find Macelli at Bloomfield. Joe says the next place to check is the Melody Lounge. Flinton and Morales are also arriving at the Lounge. One of the dancers is an informant, softly saying into Morales' ear that Macelli is there, and upstairs. But the Lounge owner recognizes the two officers and quickly calls upstairs to alert Macelli. Flinton and Morales storm into the office, guns drawn and ready, and find Macelli's men sitting casually on sofas and chairs, unworried and unfazed; faces smeared in blood. Macelli drops down from the ceiling, easily disarming the two cops of their guns. Marie and Joe arrive at the lounge, finding it closed. But neither locked doors nor a bat-wielding lounge owner can stop Marie any more than an insect could. Marie foils an ambush by Ray, throwing him downstairs where he lands on top of Joe. Ray's eyes glow as he tells Joe he's going to devour him. Joe sneaks his gun out of his waistband and blows Ray's head off. Marie finds Flinton on the floor, dead, and Morales tied to a chair, 'for dessert later.' Tommy and Vinnie are waiting in ambush. There is a tension filled standoff until Joe arrives, distracting Tommy and Vinnie so Marie can break their necks. Joe tells Morales to call for backup and warn them exactly what they're up against. Macelli, Frank and Lenny are on the roof of the lounge, plotting conquest. Marie finds her way up there, proving a crack shot with a revolver, putting a bullet through Frank and Lenny's foreheads right into their brains. But as she pulls the trigger again to finish Macelli, there's an empty click; the gun is empty. As Macelli advances on her, she discreetly pulls out the door knob and then tries to stab him with the connecting rod. He grabs her wrist and they grapple before Macelli pulls his gun and shoots her three times in the stomach. Joe arrives on the roof top and shoots Macelli in the chest twice. Macelli leaps off the roof, taunting Joe to try and follow him that way. A second later and Macelli is sandwiched in a collision between a taxicab and a bus in the middle of the street. Hurrying downstairs in pursuit, Joe finds Flinton has awakened as a vampire, and is forced to shoot him in the head. Marie and Joe arrive downstairs, finding Macelli smugly challenging them. Joe looks down and notices the crash has caused both the bus and taxicab to leak gasoline onto the ground. Grabbing a cigarette lighter, He ignites it and throws it down, igniting the gasoline. As much as he's learned about his new powers, Macelli overestimates them, thinking he's invincible. He makes no move to avoid the approaching fire. The taxicab and bus explode, engulfing him in flames. Even immolated in fire, Macelli thinks he can't be beaten, striding boldly toward Joe and Marie, telling them he is 'the light.' Joe raises his gun and fires, putting a bullet into his brain. Dawn has again started to arrive; the first hints of red appearing in the sky. To Joe's horror, Marie turns and starts walking straight toward the sunrise to kill herself. He runs after her, and she listens, stunned, as Joe tells her he loves her. He takes her by the shoulder and gently leads her to a hotel. Even knowing that she has to kill, he now understands the code she lives by. As he rings for the hotel desk clerk, Marie thinks to herself that Joe makes her feel alive. He looks over his shoulder at her, and she smiles.
Actors: Anne Parillaud,
Anne Parillaud
Anne Parillaud 6 May 1960, Paris, France
David Proval,
David Proval
David Proval 20 May 1942, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Rocco Sisto,
Rocco Sisto
Rocco Sisto 8 February 1953, Bari, Puglia, Italy
Chazz Palminteri,
Chazz Palminteri
Chazz Palminteri 15 May 1952, New York City, New York, USA
Anthony LaPaglia,
Anthony LaPaglia
Anthony LaPaglia 31 January 1959, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Robert Loggia,
Robert Loggia
Robert Loggia 3 January 1930, Staten Island, New York, USA
Tony Sirico,
Tony Sirico
Tony Sirico 29 July 1942, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Tony Lip,
Tony Lip
Tony Lip 30 July 1930, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USA
Kim Coates,
Kim Coates
Kim Coates 21 February 1958, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Marshall Bell,
Marshall Bell
Marshall Bell 28 September 1942, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Leo Burmester,
Leo Burmester
Leo Burmester 1 February 1944, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Genre: ComedyActionCrime
Director: John Landis
Country: United States
Release: 1992
IMDb: 6.2
Duration: 112 min
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